Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kiswahili Language Pack Addon

Try it Now! then tell us what you think.

Its as easy as A-B-C

A. Download and install Firefox 3.5

B. Install in Kiswahili Language Add-On

C. Install the following add-on Locale Switcher and enable Swahili by selecting it from the Tools - Language Menu

Your comment and suggestions are most welcome.

A word from tzLUG

After six long and hard months of working tirelessly as the tzLUG community, we are finally done with our translation of Firefox 3.5. Actually we are not done, we are still keeping a close eye on the new strings on a daily bases.

We of course could not have completed this great task without the help and support of our mentors: IT+46, FreeCode and who have been with us throughout the duration of project.

Can you imagene what we would have to do if pocount refused to work? Lets the tools given to us by our mentors have been of great help.

Although the tzLUG single handedly did all the work on this translation project, from start to finish, we’d like to acknowledge the Kamusi Project and the Kilinux – translations which formed the foundation for our work.

Now that all the work is done, it’s now ready for you to test and review, we’d like to know what you think of our work and what we can do to improve on it. So please know that your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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