Sunday, October 3, 2010

Open Movies :: Sintel, another brilliant Blender Project

Our short animation film now has been published online for everyone to watch and spread! It’s been an exciting moment for our team, and for everyone who as eagerly awaited this moment. We hope you enjoy it!
Open Movies have done it again. It looks like Blender3D is gaining momentum. Looking at theconcept-art, you see that the team how started sketching and comparing to the final product, all I have to say, "it is really good work"

After watching the film I realised how much Tanzanians can improve our animations especially the ads. What I really like about the Sintel Team is that they have given us more than just the movie, but concept-art and Tutorials

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  1. I am a keen follower of blender 3D development and dabble in it when I make time. As you said, it is a great tool to get started in the world of 3D as as the movie proves, it is a full featured application that can produce such great results. As for our TZ space goes, I think the knowhow of such tools is needed to spruce up the media output, in films and advertisements.
    Can trilabs offer some hands-on training for beginners?