Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Get Linux Today!

Linux is one of best operating systems out there. Do not let the fact that it is free and open source fool you. Its stability, security and performance are remarkable. It works on the lowest specs you can think of, giving your old computer in the basement a chance to serve you, just like old times.

TSh 1500/- for CD-distro
TSh 2500/- for DVD-distro
call us on 0655422537/0774422537

Tri Labs does not charge you for software but the service of downloading and making it available on a CD or DVD.

Here is what we have already on our repository, remember you can request for your favorite distribution.

  • 64Studio|2.1-DVD
  • Artistx|0.7-DVD
  • Astlinux|0.6.5|CD
  • Debian|5.0.2|CD
  • eBox|1.0.1|CD
  • FedoraCore|12|DVD
  • FreeBSD|8.0|CD
  • GeeXBoX|1.2.4|DVD
  • LinuxMint|8|CD
  • netBSD|5.0.1|CD
  • openSolaris|0906|CD
  • Qimo|1.0|DVD
  • Ubuntu|8.04LTS|CD
  • Ubuntu|8.10|CD
  • Ubuntu|9.04|CD
  • Ubuntu|9.10|CD
  • Ubuntu|10.04LTS|CD
  • Vyatta|5.0.2|CD
  • webERP|3.0.2|CD

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